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I help women MARRY       the desires of their hearts to God's design for their lives.

Find Your Happily Ever After.......

I'm a successful coach, mentor, and chief encourager, helping women find sustained

happiness, fulfillment & impact.

Too often, women search for what will make our lives full and happy in things, relationships, and careers, only to find that the sense of emptiness and unfulfillment remains. This is because sustained happiness and fulfillment are an inside job.


I teach women to redirect their external search for happiness and fulfillment to an internal search. This inner search allows the desires of your heart and God's design for your life to become ONE


The merging of your desire and God's design is the only relationship that produces happiness, fulfillment, and abundance, and allows you to uniquely impact the world.

Marrying your desires to God's design is a game-changer, a life changer!  But it requires a mind-shift. 


Helping women with this mind-shift is my passion and purpose, and I've developed a proven process and a roadmap through the Ultimate Soulmate Experience to help lead women to their happily ever after......

Sustained Happiness, Fulfillment & Impact Are

God's Intention for Your Life


I Work With

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Aspiring Authors/Writers

  • Aspiring Nonprofit Founders

  • Corporate Business Women  

  • Women in ministry

  • Dreamers & Visonaries

  • Women Seeking More

The Ultimate Soulmate Experience

The Ultimate Soulmate Experience is a program I designed to help women who are seeking a life of happiness, fulfillment, abundance, and impact.  If happiness, abundance, fulfillment, and impactful aren’t words you would use to describe your life, the Ultimate Soulmate Experience is especially for you.


Women who are drawn to this program are women who sense something’s missing in life--women who sense their lives are meant for more.  The Ultimate Soulmate Experience has proven to be a magnet for women who aren’t quite experiencing all the benefits that a life with God--a life of faith is supposed to bring.


Now, I know a lot about feeling this way because this was precisely how I felt at one point in life.  And to be quite honest, it was a confusing time for me because I didn’t quite understand why I felt so unfulfilled and unhappy.  See, at that time in my life, I had all the things women are conditioned to believe will make us happy and fulfilled.  I had set and achieved my educational goals,  I had degrees on my wall, I was making a 6 figure salary working in the church full time, and I was in a significant relationship. But, even with all that I had achieved and accomplished, I still felt something was missing.  I felt as if I was in the ballpark of the life I wanted, but I was not quite in my assigned seat.


So, if you can relate to this in any way, or if what I’m saying describes how you feel,  you’ve found the right program.  In the Ultimate Soulmate Experience, I share how I found my way to happiness, abundance, and impact, and how you can find your way to yours.  

Image by Pam Sharpe

The Ultimae Soulmate Experience is Right for You if...

  • There is no cohesiveness between what you desire and what you actually do.

  • You seek a life substance and significance. 

  • You have a hunger to use your innate gifts to impact the world.

  • You want to produce at your level of gifting, and to stop living beneath whom you're designed to be.

  • You're in a "successful" relationship or career, but you still feel something is missing.

  • You don't see your self-satisfaction and your service to God as two sides of the same coin. 

  • You question if you're worthy and deserving of what you desire.

  • Your life doesn't look externally like what you envision internally.

  • You sense there is more God intended for you.

  • Happy, fulfilling, and abundance aren't words you would use to describe your life.

  • You want to fuse your passion, purpose, and impact.

  • You want to wake up every day in love with your life.

  • You want to silence the negative internal voices that keep you stuck and stagnant.

  • You desire to live more authentically, and you're tired of censoring yourself, hiding, and playing small. 

  • You want to develop more confidence and courage to create a life you love.

  • You allow external influences to limit what's possible for your life.

  • You're filled with self-doubt, and you want to level up in faith.

  • You're tired of settling for a "good enough" life.

  • You long for a community of like-minded women to support and keep you accountable to your vision.

  • You're ready to access your internal power and embrace all God designed for you.


"Dr. Rather helped me develop a mindset that helped me see myself the way God sees me.



I now believe that I am worthy and can do anything that I put my mind to!  Dr. Rather has inspired me to believe that my vision matters and, more importantly, that I matter. She constantly reminded me that ALL things were possible! I can't thank her enough for how she has helped me grow."

Jessica - MaJESStic Events
Jessica - MaJESStic Events

"After every session, I felt empowered to move forward.  I surprised myself in taking steps, even when I was afraid.



The work that we completed together helped me gain clarity, courage, confidence, and build community. I gained clarity in my purpose, courage to do the hard work, belief in myself, and lastly, I have a community of people that support and will continue to push me to reach all that I aspire to be." 

Joy - Daughter Wear Your Crown
Image by Joanna Kosinska

My promise to you is that I will show up for you one hundred percent.  I will give you prayerful and insightful tools, gained through my training and experience, to help move you forward on your path to living out the desires of your heart and God's design for your life.

What I need you to promise is to be open, vulnerable, and ready to take the steps, and risk, to create a life of abundance and impact.

The only barrier that stands between uniting your desires & God's design is a lack of faith.

My Promise