Find My Purpose

Trust My God-Given Genius

Know My Worth

What Area Is God Calling You To Grow?


The Woman God Created You to Be....

We Aren't Born With Fierce Faith...

We Build It!

I believe God created women to be an undeniable force in this world.  God has equipped women with skills, gifts, talents, and abilities to profoundly impact the world.  But the reality is, too many women listen to external voices that say, "play small" rather than the internal voice that says, "be the force I created you to be."

Women have a choice.  We can allow outside influences to direct our lives, or we can follow the sound of the genuine in us and live out God's Divine intention for us!

Fierce Feminine Faith is a framework I developed to help women become more of whom God designed and created us to be.  It is a coaching program that helps women take a deep dive inside to become clear and confident about purpose and identity.  The framework helps women deconstruct limiting beliefs, dismantle fears, and walk courageously and confidently in all God destined for you!

What Is Fierce Feminine Faith?

Escape the prison of self-doubt and fully, freely, and wholeheartedly

embrace God's unique blueprint and design for you.

Fierce Feminine Faith is.... 


radical self-acceptance and an unwavering belief in your God-given purpose and identity.

The Framework Teaches You To....

Trust Your Internal Wisdom

Deconstruct Embedded Beliefs

Silence Your Inner Critic


Identify Self Sabotaging Thoughts

Dismantle Limiting Beliefs

Examine & Uproot Toxic Traditional Faith Beliefs

Stop Apologizing for Who You Are

Set High Stake Goals & Take Action

And More......


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Life By Design Confidence Coaching gave me the motivation and inspiration I needed to start my own travel business. Before I connected with Vanetta about my desire to start the business, it was just a thought in my head.  She helped me shift from thinking to doing.  I was able to get out of my head and get over the limited belief blocks that kept me stuck.  Before I knew it I was taking action steps towards a dream I'd held in my heart for so long. Life By Design Confidence Coaching was the accountability I needed to gain the confidence and courage to make my dream a reality. I highly recommend Vanetta and her Confidence Coaching Program to anyone who has a desire and a dream, but who needs courage and confidence to get going! Thanks to Vanetta, I'm well on my way!

Owner, Travel Company 


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I found Vanetta through her podcast, Defiant Women Win. Listening to her messages that encourage women to be bold and show up for ourselves helped me hold up a mirror and remind myself to take care of me, first! It's easy to get lost in motherhood and relationships, but working with Vanetta helped me see that taking care of self is the best gift I can give to those I love. This took a mind/set change because I always believed that taking care of others meant sacrificing self.  Vanetta helped me reverse my thinking and now I can love those I care about from a full and healthy place.  I now give myself permission to take care of me, guilt-free!  Best Coach Ever!!!!

Hospitality/Owner- Special Events Company


Often times you know what you need to and should do, but you need a voice of reason to confirm that you are on the right track. That voice of reason for me is, Vanetta!  I believe we all have the right answers buried inside of us, but sometimes confirmation does you a world of good. Doubt is a battle we all fight, but when you have someone in your ear like Vanetta to help navigate you through, it helps push you forward faster in the direction you need/want to go. I am so grateful that I have access to such wise counsel. I have often called Vanetta at the end of my rope and after talking with her, I felt peace and calm about my decisions and where I want to go.  After my conversations with Vanetta, I always walk away with a plan and strategy to move forward. She is literally the best at helping you dive deep so that your resourcefulness surfaces to the top. Her technique is such a confidence booster. I am extremely grateful to have her guidance and support! 

Corporate/Mortgage Industry