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Live Masterclass for Women Who Want to Live

Life By Divine Design 

How to Get Everything You Desire & Deserve In Life

In this Masterclass, You Will Learn:


Why Living A Life You Desire and Deserve is an Option You Must Choose


Why Trusting What's In You Is the Only Path to Living A Life You Desire & Deserve


Why Knowing What You Really Desire Will Get You Everything You Want & More


You Get In Life What You're Brave Enough to Go After

If you desire it, believe you're worthy of it, trust yourself enough to go after it, and take risks to attain it, you can have everything you desire and deserve! 

Join me in this masterclass and learn the critical steps needed to live the life of your desired and God's Design.


You don't want to miss it!

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This Masterclass is a

Must Attend If...

  • You don't trust yourself enough to take risks on your dreams and desires


  • You are unfulfilled, unhappy, underpaid, and/or overall underwhelmed in life


  • You need a mindset change about what's possible for you


  • You believe you're gifted to do something great, but fear keeps you from acting on your faith 


  • You struggle with being enough and seeing yourself as enough


  • You're not producing at the level to which you're gifted


  • You are afraid to take action, but you call it procrastination 


  • You use humility as an excuse to stay small


  • You have a desire to start a business, ministry, or a nonprofit, but your self-doubt is larger than your self-belief


A Personal Invitation From Vanetta......


I’ve been in ministry for 19 years and an ordained minister for 16.

For twelve of those years, I served, full-time, in the Church, but the last seven years have been about blazing a trail of my own to do the work and ministry I desire to do and God designed me to do.

In these last seven years, I’ve started a thriving non-profit called My Sister My Seed to fight sex trafficking and empower young women and girls. I’ve written two books, All the Single Ladies & Defiant Women of Faith. I started hosting a podcast called Defiant Women Win. And I started a coaching practice, where I help women of faith marry the desires of their heart to God’s design for their lives with my signature program called, The Ultimate Soulmate.

I accomplished these things because I followed the sound of the genuine in me. I trusted myself. I trusted my purpose and my gifts, and I put my vision to work. And let me just say that there is no greater feeling than living out what you desire most and what God designed your life to be.

So I ask you, is this how you feel about your life? Are you following the sound of the genuine in you? Are you living your life by DIVINE DESIGN?

If your answer is no, join me in this masterclass!