"It's Already In You" -God

Twice, recently, I thought I locked myself out of my car and my house. Both times I called a locksmith to open the doors, which cost me 💰...only to discover the key was in my pocket both times. 🤯

I know it sounds crazy! Who does that?.....and twice! Me, that’s who!

I had put myself under so much stress that I didn’t realize how off-center I was and the truth is, I wasn’t really checked in with myself!

I knew something was missing in life and I was searching for it! See, I was at a point in my life where being close enough was no longer enough! But the problem was, I was doing an external search!

A bad move!!!!

As a preacher, I knew that I had access to an internal source that would and could reveal answers, but that’s not where I went initially! After all, I’m human and I, like we all do sometimes, looked to people who already had points on the scoreboard.

I believed that trusting the success path of others would work for me!


God has a unique plan/path for all of us and other people’s paths will not lead us to ours!

So, me losing my keys was God’s way of telling me, “It’s In You!”

When you are created in the image of God, you come packaged with all you need to guide you through the major shifts in life! We just need to dig deep inside to uncover and discover!

So, losing my keys and finding that they were with me all along, God was speaking to me and trying to get my attention to refocus! God was trying to tell me, while I was looking externally for answers to unlock my path, to “look inside!”

I heard God and was reminded that it will cost you when you look externally for what can only be found internally!

Find YOUR Path because there is nothing to compare a life that is being lived in Divine Purpose! There is an indescribable peace and an insatiable sense of fulfillment that comes with settling in your purpose!

And you can only find it within! #FierceFeminineFaith

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