A Mother's Day Tribute

When I was a little girl, I learned from my mother that I could do very hard things! She didn’t necessarily tell me this with words, but she showed me with how she lived!

My mother had five daughters, of which I’m the youngest. After having five children, my mother decided she wanted more! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 She put herself through nursing school and became an RN! Yes, with 5 young daughters!

She may not have had time to greet me after school with milk and cookies and hear about the adventures of my day, but in her not being there all the time and seeing her work hard, she gave me a gift!

She was my first example of how all things are really possible when you believe—believe in God and self!

What my mother taught me was that I was capable, strong, resilient, brave, and smart!

I have forgotten these things along the journey, but now—turning 50, I remember them ALL!

Barbara Annette Rather isn’t here for me to honor her for Mother’s Day, but my plan is to use my life to honor her and make her proud of her baby girl!

I’m striving to do very hard things! Being live on the radio is just one! For this introvert, it’s a big deal to do live radio!😊 But, like my mother, I do hard things!

I am a defiant woman (Defiant Women Win) because I had the privilege of being raised by one!

She didn’t let mothering five girls tell her that she couldn’t still have her dream too! She didn’t allow social norms to deny her the life she wanted!

I’m grateful for the memory of my mother and the legacy she left!❤️

Today maybe hard for some of us who have lost one of life’s greatest gifts!

But try to find the joy and the silver lining!❤️😊❤️


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