Why So Many Women Have a Love/Hate Relationship with the Church...And Why I Do Too!

How do I describe my relationship with the church?

It's Complicated!

I'm just keeping it real!

I have no problem saying my relationship with the church is complicated.

But let me be clear.....

When I say I have a love/hate relationship with the church, I don't want you to confuse that with my relationship with God!

God and I are good! We are better than good.

I LOVE me some JESUS!

But the Church????.....not so much!

On one hand, I love the church. It is the place that nurtured me and helped me understand my identity and purpose. The church is the place that helped shape my values. So, on the one hand, I love the church!

But on the other hand, the church is the place that I have experienced unfair treatment because I'm a woman. The church is also the place that still places limitations on women that keeps us living beneath who we were created to be.

And I hate that about the church!

Let me be clear once more. I understand the "church" is really the people--the Body of Christ. And for the record, I don't hate the people. I do, however, have severe grievances with the institution the people have created.

I and so many other women are just tired of not getting our needs met. We are fed up with not being represented in the leaders, while we make up the majority of the membership. We are done with experiencing the hurt and pain inflicted on us that we often experience in the church. And we are tired of being seen as a second class gender in the institution.

Enough is enough! Women are fed up and I join them in this sentiment.

This is why I started DEFIANT WOMEN WIN!

Defiant Women Win is designed for women on a long faith spectrum:

1) women who are in church, but who are not getting their needs met because of patriarchy and sexism

2) women who have left the church because of church hurt and because there is a disconnect between how they view God and what the church or is not doing

3) women who are figuring faith out......(there have been so many financial and moral scandals in the church that some women don't know what to believe)

And if you fit in any of these categories, Defiant Women Win is for you and you need to listen to my latest podcast where I Re-Introduce the podcast and the ministry to the world!

In this podcast, I get into more detail about my complicated relationship with the church and why I felt compelled to start Defiant Women Win.

I also share the Ten Commandments of a Defiant Woman!

You just have to hear it all for yourself.

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