Don't Just Dream About A Better Life, Build It!

Faith without works is DEAD and so is a dream that remains in your head!

Your dream is a part of all God packaged and placed inside of you.

This means your dream is a gift FROM God and You and Your DREAM are God's Gift to the World!

I am not trying to pump you up with some spiritual talk.

These are #FACTS

You are the only one uniquely created and suited to do what God placed in your heart--which means you are a one of a kind gift to the world!

Yes, there are a million people on the planet with a gift and dream like yours, but only you can manifest it the way God gifted you to do it!

And for this reason, you can't let it die! You can't allow fear and procrastination to kill it!

The worst feeling in the world is allowing a dream to sour inside of us.

But I get it!

I know how scary it can be to put your dream out there. I know how fearful it can make you to offer up something, so close to your heart, for judgment, critique, or rejection!

But that's exactly what you have do!

Taking risk is what faith requires of us!

Faith Is Risky Business!!!!

Show the world what God gave you! We are waiting on your gift!


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