Put Your Big-Girl Panties On

When God Disappoints....put your big-girl panties on and buck up!

Oh, you’ve never been disappointed by God?


I have!

I have a long list of disappointments!

I have a laundry list of things I’ve asked God to do, or to give me, or to remove from my life that God didn’t even bother to answer.

Yes, I said it! God didn’t bother to answer…….God was completely silent!

Oh, you’ve never experienced God’s silence?

I have!

I have experienced more than my share of God’s silence on issues I desperately wanted God to weigh in. In fact, there were times when the only response from God to my heartfelt prayers and tears were crickets!

So yes, I have been disappointed by God and I have questioned what’s really going on in the "Heavenlies!"

I have questioned if God cares what happens to me. I’ve questioned if God is paying attention to my life. And I’ve even questioned if there is a God at all!

Oh, you’ve never questioned if God is real?

I have!

When bad things happen to good people, I question.

When children get cancer, I question.

When teen girls are enslaved in sex trafficking, I question.

I even question Scripture!

Yes, girl! Allow me this moment of honesty!

I question why God told Hagar, in Genesis 16, “to go back” 🤷🏽‍♀️to her abusive situation with Sarah and Abraham and submit to remaining in slavery!

What? Why God?........Why is that the Divine Response?

So, yes! I’ve been disappointed! I’ve questioned God!

But yet I’m still here grinding it out in faith.

And when life is kicking my butt and God seems to be on a lunch break from controlling the universe, that's when I put my big-girl panties on and buck up!

That #GrownWomanFaith is a real thing! 💯

Grown Woman Faith reminds me that God is more concerned with my development than my desires. God is concerned with my growth more than my gain!

So, when God is silent or when God doesn’t give me the answer I want when I’m facing a difficult season or challenge in life, I use it as an opportunity to grow!

After I cry it out--because that’s what I need to do first……😭😢😭

I need to feel my feelings.......

I give myself permission to feel disappointed, hurt and let down! I give myself permission to question God and express my frustration.

But after that—after a good cry, it’s time to grow!

Staying at the base level of how I feel is not healthy and it’s not an option for me!

So, I Level Up! Thanks, Ciara!

I ask myself:

What is this situation here to teach me?

How can this grow me?

What can I learn about myself?

How can I become a better “me” as a result of this experience?