How Beyonce Loved Wakanda Citizens to Life at #Beychella

When you are Unapologetically #Black, you perform in front of a predominately white privileged audience and pay homage to and #ForTheCultre! This is what Beyonce did at Coachella, or what is now known as, #Beychella.

She owned Coachella and we, the citizens of Wakanda, appreciated every hair toss, hip shake, bounce beat, twerk-drop, attitude, side eye, neck roll, outfit change--for every slaying moment moment, we salute the Queen-Bey! Well done, girl!

Beyoncé sang the Negro National Anthem and played Strange Fruit—a song about lynching black bodies, while recreating HBCU Greek Life, dance teams, drum lines, etc.....and all while full out singing and dancing and not missing one note or beat—looking cute, with a beat face--that's beautiful make up for those who don't understand the culture! she does all this without sweating is a mystery for queens running the world, apparently! They ain't go time to sweat! They are too busy with all the slayage! 🤷🏽‍♀️

Say what you want, but Beyonce—at the top of her game—is making sure the world is clear about #blackgenius #blackexcellence #blackcreativity#blackgirlmagic, which she sprinkled all over #Beychella last night!

Make no mistake, Beyonce performed for US....not the audience in front of her last night! She was performing for #Wakanda citizens world wide who tuned in to YouTube like we didn’t have to wake up for church in the morning! #ThatsLove she loved us last night with her performance!

You better catch the gift Beyonce keeps giving us as a people, and especially women of color! She keeps making sure we know just how LIT🔥🔥🔥 we are!!!

#WhoRunTheWorld..... #Girls....of color 🤗👏🏽🙅🏽‍♀️

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