The WONDER In All Women

The new Wonder Woman was just what a girl needed! I didn’t expect it, but the Heavens saw fit to bless my life with a little inspiration to go with my entertainment. It was ten dollars and two hours well spent! So thank you director, Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, DC Comics, Zeus, Hollywood, and anybody else who played a hand in delivering us Wonder Woman 2.0!

Yup! I said, Wonder Woman 2.0!

Let me explain!

This Wonder Woman is not the superhero of my childhood. She didn’t spin in a brilliant bright light to transform from the typical, every day woman she pretended to be to become the powerful superhero she really was, nor did she pilot an invisible airplane…..Maybe the plane will make a cameo along with the swim jumpsuit in next movie……but I digress!

Let me get back to why I loved, appreciated, and needed this new Wonder Woman!

In this season of #HashtagResist, Wonder Woman was the whisper in my hear, “stay woke.” It was a reminder that God strategically places women, just like Esther, for such a time as this!

See in a world where travel bans seek to close our borders to those in need of refuge, where budget cuts will cause those with food insecurities to be even more insecure, and where a healthcare proposal will deny 21 million people coverage, Wonder Woman is a remind to women to Get In and STAY in Formation! It is a reminder that the world needs more fierce, fearless leadership of the feminine kind!

Watching the Amazon Women, of all hues, prepare for battle made me sit up and do a bicep check……Gotta be ready in these streets! And the more I watched them, the more I was reminded of the woman I’m called to be……the woman I’m striving to be.....A woman just like Wonder Woman who will even go so far as to reject the comforts of a safe and peaceful life to fight for those who are vulnerable and in need!

She is my kind of woman!

She is tastefully balanced. She is soft, sensitive, caring, and compassionate, but she is also brave, bold, confident, uncompromising, and hard core. She leads from the front and if you’re not down with her mission, she will leave you behind in hopes that you, at some point, catch the vision!

She is my kind of girl!

This movie had me all caught up in my “girl power!” It didn’t sugar coat the reality of following mission, destiny and purpose. It didn’t candy coat and dress everything up in pink so it is delicate, digestible, and palatable for the perceived sensibilities of women.

NO! And Thank You!

Taking risks is the basic requirement to be a WONDER woman! Taking risks is essential and the catalyst for achieving anything great! If we want to be great or a wonder, that achievement is on the other side of some risk we must take. Like Wonder Woman we must risk journeying into unknown places to do battle with uncertainties of life. There will be set backs and failures! There will doubts! Like Wonder Woman, we may even find out things about ourselves along the way that will have us questioning our entire life’s mission, but all of this is par for the course!

Women who are destined to do great things are first challenged to do risky things. Wonder Woman teaches women who dare to set their sails on a journey to fulfill destiny three important lessons:

  • Turning back is not an option. Wonder Woman was informed that there was no coming back to her peaceful place in paradise, and she didn’t flinch! Only when our places of comfort are no longer satisfying and forward is our only option, will we find true fulfillment

  • Flexibility is key. Wonder Woman was pliable and not rigid about her destiny. She gave herself permission to reset! She didn’t pigeon hold herself to the uninformed beliefs she started out with. She allowed her journey to teach and develop her. The initial mission was to eradicate evil from the world. When she realized this wasn’t possible, she shifted. She said, “I’m no longer trying to save the world, just make it a little better.”

  • A connection to the Divine is crucial. A girl’s connection to her Divine Parent is all she really needs to unleash her WONDER on the world and navigate her way to destiny! #EnoughSaid

Like Wonder Woman, I’m determined to take risks to fulfill my destiny, I’m flexible and open to the shifts of my journey, and I’m extremely grateful to my God who is not only on my side rooting for me to successfully fulfill my mission, but who is also in me giving me the strength and power to do so!

Wonder Woman is a reminder to all women that love is still all that really matters, that compassion is really sexy and it makes you way more desirable than the most expensive lingerie, and that real strength does not come from external weapons we yield, but from the internal power we possess.