I Love Being A Black Woman/#BlackGirlMagic

I love being a BLACK WOMAN!

I love that I was chosen and entrusted with the distinct privilege of being born Black and Female!

I did not always see it this way……..

The world has a way of tainting blackness as something to be ashamed of and less than. “Hate-self “ or at least understand that you are not equal to, is the message we hear loud, clear, and very early in life. This defamation of blackness begins in the early stages of black girlhood and attempts to leave its imprint on black womanhood.

You aren’t enough, the message screams!

You aren’t attractive enough….

intelligent enough…..

strong enough…

feminine enough ….

sophisticated enough….

Not Enough!

Not Enough!

Not Enough!

Enough with the Lies!

Like my Grandmother used to say, “You A lie and the truth ain’t in you!”

Good one Grandma!

Black women have been lied to about who we are, our worth, and our contributions to this world. But just as Dr. King said when he quoted William Cullen Bryant, “truth crushed to the earth shall rise again!”

And just as it is with each Easter Sunday Morning, the Truth IS Risen!

Black Women have risen! Are Rising!

In spite of!

In the face of!

Trampling overtop of….. LIES! LIES! LIES! We rise!

Dr. Maya Angelou sounded the alarm and it can’t be unheard!! And Still….. I Rise!

Black Women Rise! Black Women Rock!

Black Women! Black Women! Black Women!

I can’t say it enough! I Love Being A Black Woman!

The Black Woman’s resilient, resourceful, and resolute interior can’t be crushed to the ground!

In spite of being dealt an impossible hand…..BLACK WOMEN RISE! Black Women didn’t hit the so called “gender and race lottery” but yet and still, we are winning!

We are Winning and Rich!

Not old money rich, but rich!

Maybe not Christian Louboutin stacked in our closet rich, but rich!

Maybe not black credit card carriers, private jet owning, Amalfi Coast vacationing rich, but RICH!

Rich in Legacy!

Rich in History!

Rich in Spirit!

Rich in Faith!

Rich in Shades of Beauty

Rich in Culture

Rich with wisdom to understand the last shall be first!

Rich! Rich! Rich!

Rich with everything that matters!!

For these reason and many others, I love being a Black Woman!

Love! Love! Love It!

I love EVERYTHING about being a BLACK WOMAN!


Full Stop!

I love the tight curls of my hair….even when it’s unruly and dryer than the Sahara!

I love how finding jeans to fit my curves gets a dance of celebration in the department store fitting room because it’s a “stay the course” adventure! (Black Woman Problems!)