Women of Color Need More Green ($) to be Happy in Pharrell’s “New Black”

January 28, 2017


Pharrell William’s interview on Oprah Prime revealed his sensitive nature as he became overwhelmed in tearful appreciation of the world’s response to his hit song, Happy.  His reaction touched and warmed the hearts of many, myself included. I was even more touched by the interview as Pharrell revealed that women were the inspiration behind his new music project, Girl.   Pharrell revealed that he made his new record out of devotion and admiration for women, and as a means of giving back to the demographic that had given him so much.


The adoration Pharrell has for women, along with his tearful display of emotions, made it very apparent that he is a man very much in touch with his sensitive side.  However, as the interview continued I couldn’t help but wonder if he was a bi