Poverty, Pregnancy, Prison: The Cost of Being Female in America

January 29, 2017


As I watched an episode of the hit show, Orange is the New Black, a comment was made about a transgendered woman that captured my attention. The comment was, “I don’t know why anyone would give up being a man? It’s like hitting the lottery and giving the ticket back.” After hearing the comment I took a long pause. There was something eerily true about it. Being a man in America seems to come with perks and benefits, while being a woman comes at a cost. Just a glimpse of President Obama’s multi-million dollar, My Brother’s Keeper Initiative that invests solely in young minority males, while excluding young minority females and it’s clear to see how men benefit while women are left to fend for themselves.


As a woman, as I consider the price women already pay in childbirth pains, monthly cycles, and waxing, to say the least, the cost of being a woman should be paid up! But women obviously haven’t paid enough. There is an exorb