Does Your Relationship Bring
You Pleasure or Pain?

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What Does My Relationship Reveal About Me?
Do you allow your boundaries to be crossed in relationship?
Do you feel whole in a relationship and inclomplete single?
Are you made to feel responsible for your partner's happiness and blamed for their unhappiness?
Is your partner volatile where you have to walk on eggshells to avoid hostility?
Are there times when your partner disappears or doesn't return calls?
Have you taken your partner back after repeated cheating?
Is your partner controlling (what you wear, where you go, etc)?
Does your partner try to convince you to do things you're uncomfortable doing?
Does your partner isolate you from family and friends?
Do you give more in the relationship, but are made to feel like you don't give/do enough?
Does your partner keep you a secret and avoid being out in public with you?
Do you deny yourself things you desire because your partner objects?
Are your goals supported or subtly sabotaged by your partner?
When you argue, are you belittled or called names?