Are you ready for 2020?  Do you need to uplevel your faith and develop radical self-acceptance and an unwavering belief in your God-given purpose and identity?

You are too FIERCE to live anything other than God's Divine intention for your life!

A New Decade.... A New You

A new year--a new decade is coming and if you want it to be more fulfilling and satisfying from any previous year, you have to do something different. 


God intended your life to be one that is satisfying, fulfilling, and where you make the contribution to the world you were created to make.  Anything less is living beneath God's intention for your life. 


As we prepare to close the door on one decade and walk through the threshold of another, it's time for you to Believe Bigger!  It's time to build the life and live the dream God has for you--the dream God keeps whispering in your soul and spirit.

If you've heard the whispers, or if you've always felt and sensed God had more for you, what you hear, feel, and sense is the Spirit of God pushing and nudging you in the direction of the life you are intended to live.....your Abundant Life!  

Abundant Life is your BIRTHRIGHT.  It is the only kind of life God had in mind at the moment of your conception and my Fierce, Feminine, Faith Masterclass is designed to give you the tools needed to build your abundance.

More is possible for you..........

I'm here to tell you with complete certainty that with the Fierce, Feminine, Faith Masterclass, understanding your identity and purpose, overcoming your fears and limiting beliefs, and co-creating--with God--the life you desire most is possible.  I've used the framework in this Masterclass to successfully help my one on one clients identify blocks, uncover purpose, take bold action, and create a more satisfying and fulfilling life.  And if I bring my proven framework and you're willing to do the work, you can experience the same success!

It's time to come out of the comfort zone and completely evolve into the woman you were created to be!  


It all begins with this decision to join the other like-minded women on the Masterclass.

The Program Will Help You

Trust Your Internal Wisdom
Deconstruct & Dismantle Embedded/Limiting Beliefs
Build Divine Confidence
Take bold and courageous action
Stay accountable and keep the promises you make yourself

Meet the Fierce Woman Behind Fierce, Feminine Faith....

 Hey, I'm Dr. Vanetta Rather

I am the creator of Fierce, Feminine, Faith, which is a series of masterclasses I offer to help women build the clarity, courage, and confidence needed to create the abundant life God intended for you.  

After working full-time in the church for 16 years, I know what it means to not feel satisfied and fulfilled in life.  I know how it feels to sense something is missing and to feel like you're not quite living the life of purpose and passion our faith tells us is possible.  If you are sensing the same, God is trying to get your attention to pursue more!


When I embraced the reality that God had more for me, I began to pursue it with everything in me.  I left a life that was partially satisfying to build the dream life God intended for me.  It was not easy, but it was worth it. Pursuing God's intended plan for my life was the best decision I've ever made for myself and it all began with being honest with myself about what needed to change and having the courage and confidence to follow my internal wisdom!

I share in the Fierce, Feminine, Faith Masterclass what's needed to shift your mindset, believe for more, and execute God's purpose, plan, and intention for your life.  The longing in your heart for more should not be ignored.  It is God's way of whispering in your soul and spirit that there is another level of life for you to aspire to.

It's time!  A new year and a brand new decade are on the horizon.  Make 2020 the best year, thus far, of your life by starting now!  Change is an inside job and your new year will be more of the same unless you make a decision to align your life with God's intention.

Why You Need This Program?

Because God Designed You For More...

What you need to move you forward in building the life God intended for you is sometimes not work you can do alone.

What we often need is to help guide us through the maze of influencing external voices so that the internal voices (yours and God's) are clarion clear.

This requires an investment in you.  Moving your life in the Divine Direction God intended where you will be empowered, supported, nurtured, and held to a high standard of accountability is an investment where the return is immeasurable.  

Fierce Feminine Faith Masterclass

At a Glance

Masterclass Includes

4  Masterclass Sessions w/

Personal Coaching

Life Work Assignments 

Private Community

 Accountability & Support


Week 1

Identity & Purpose

Week  2

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

Week 3

Slaying Fears

Week 4 

A Co-Created Life



Tuesdays @ 7:30 pm


(Via Live Zoom Video)

replays available


Tuesday, November 19th

Tuesday, November 26th

Tuesday, December 3rd

Tuesday, December 10th

Enrollment Ends November 14th


You Are

Too Fierce

To Live


Other Than God's

Intention For Your Life.