I'm Vanetta

I'm a preacher, teacher, author, coach, and a fierce advocate for women and girls. I've served sixteen years in full-time ministry in churches in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia until God called me to serve and focus on ministry beyond church walls.

"I was in the 'ballpark' of the life I desired, but not quite in my assigned seat."

Around 2012 I began feeling an overwhelming sense of unfulfillment. And to be honest, I was confused by the feeling because, at that time, I was working fulltime in the church, preaching every Sunday, and impacting lives, which is what my calling and my seminary training prepared me to do.  

Initially, I ignored the feelings of unfulfillment because I believed my self-satisfaction wasn't as important to God as my service. Eventually, I learned that God's desire for me is to experience both self-satisfaction and service.  I learned to embrace the idea that my fulfillment and satisfaction, and my service to God were two sides of the very same coin.


I learned that in pursing self-satisfaction, I could more effectively serve because I was serving from my unique place of authentic gifting.

Serving from my unique place of gifting allowed me to follow the desires of my heart, which led me out of fulltime ministry within church walls and into the fulltime service of empowering women and girls.

Since leaving "traditional" ministry, I started a nonprofit, My Sister My Seed, to help in the fight to eradicate sex trafficking and to empower young women and girls. I've written two books, All the Single Ladies and Defiant Women of Faith. I created and now host the Defiant Women Win Podcast. And I'm leading the Defiant Women Win movement to inspire women to define what winning is for us.

When I began to see the desires of my heart and God's design for my life as "ONE," I started living a full and satisfying life, which allows me to make a unique impact on the world.

My Story

Self-Satisfaction & Service are

two sides of the same coin.

My Mission


My mission and purpose are to help women shift their mindset, follow their internal wisdom, and create lives that not only bring them happiness and fulfillment but allows them to make the unique impact on the world God intended.

I am on a journey to help create a world where women live passionately and purposefully and see that their self-satisfaction is as holy and sacred to God as their service.

My Prayer

My prayer is that God would grant me the privilege to serve women who sense there is more to life than they are currently experiencing. 


I pray that God would allow me the privilege to work with women who have yet to maximize and manifest the gift(s) God entrusted to them so they can produce at their level of gifting. 

My prayer is that all women will live lives of fulfillment, abundance, and impact!

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“I've come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly....”  John 10:10