I'm Vanetta

I'm a preacher, author, coach, podcast host, and fierce advocate for women and girls. 


My Story

I’ve been in ministry for 19 years and an ordained minister for 16.

For twelve of those years, I served, full-time, in the Church, but the last seven years I've been blazing a trail to do work that I desire and God designed me to do.

That work is encouraging, inspiring, and empowering women and girls to chase their dreams, pursue happiness, and live full lives that bring joy and peace.

This is a work I first did on myself, which is why I'm confident I can help others do the same.  In these last seven years,


  • I started a thriving non-profit called My Sister My Seed to fight sex trafficking and empower young women and girls.

  • I started a coaching practice, where I help women BEGIN AGAIN!

I want to ensure women never normalize staying in a life, love, or career where they are unhappy or unfulfilled.  I want women to know it's never too late to BEGIN AGAIN

If I can change the trajectory of my life and find my path to happiness and fulfillment, so can every woman!


Don't Normalize a Life, Love, or Career that Doesn't Make You Happy!

My Mission


My mission is to help women who want a "do-over" in life, love, or career! I'm on a mission to make sure women get the second chance or fresh start they desire and deserve!

My Prayer

My prayer is that I have the privilege to help women understand that they can have a second chance and a fresh start a life, love, or career. 


I pray that women will develop the courage to create and live the lives they both DESIRE & DESERVE. 

My prayer is that all women understand that it is possible for their SECOND ACT to be greater than their first!

Marble Surface

"It's Possible for Your Second Act to be Greater than Your First"