Chief Encourager





 Before I found my voice and began living a life guided from within, I was the quiet girl who never made waves and who wasn't very assertive.  I was the girl who followed the "expected plan" because it was supposed to make me happy.

Only it didn't!  

As a woman called to ministry, I went to seminary, earned a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry, worked in three churches and served full time in ministry for 16 years, and ended up unfulfilled. 

I Was In The Ballpark of The Life I Was Created to Live,

But Not Quite In My Assigned Seat.

How does one end up unfulfilled doing what you are called to do? 

Well, the truth is, it's not that difficult, especially when you trust external voices more than your own!

And I did!


I trusted others and followed A PLAN for my life rather than THE PLAN. 

I ended up feeling unfulfilled and like something was missing.  I felt as if I was in the ballpark of my life, but I wasn't quite in my assigned seat.

But that all changed! 


I found my voice......I found my confidence.......I found my seat!

Follow the Sound of the Genuine in You!

--Dr. Howard Thurman

I found my voice, my confidence, and my assigned seat when I became clear that my happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction was my responsibility!

With this clarity, I stopped ignoring how unhappy I was and I became determined to live the satisfying, full life--the abundant life--Christ afforded me.

This took courage and confidence because it meant I would no longer fulfill my call in the traditional sense.   It meant doing something outside of my comfort zone and blazing a trail that was uniquely suited just for me!

It was scary!

I felt uncertain and I constantly questioned myself as I made this brave and bold decision to navigate myself to new terrain. 

But turns out, it was the best thing I've ever done for myself.


The greatest gift I've ever given myself was permission to following the sound of the genuine in me, to trust myself, and to walk authentically and unapologetically through this world.

And what I know for sure is, this gift gives back!

The Vision Became Clear

Creating A Safer  & More Just World

for Women & Girls...

Self-belief and following the sound of the genuine led me to create life transformational services and opportunities for women and girls.  

In 2013, I founded My Sister My Seed, a 501c3 non-profit that focuses on educating girls, families, and communities about Sex Trafficking.

In 2017 I wrote my second book, Defiant Women of Faith--which led to an invitation to do my own live radio and podcast show called, Defiant Women Win. "Defiance" is what I had to embody to silence external voices and mute their influence in my life.

Defying the status quo and crossing over the lines I was forbidden to cross as instrumental in creating a life that is uniquely suited just for me.  It is also what I teach women through speaking engagements, workshops, webinars, and my confidence coaching program.

Helping Women Build Clarity, Courage, Confidence  & Community

Confidence Coaching

When you decide you want something, you then need to take action to make it manifest.

I decided I wanted a full and satisfying life and I took action to make it happen.

Making it happen meant first realizing God had already given me everything I needed to live a life uniquely suited for me.  

Now it was up to me to use what I had been given.

I got clear and honest about what I really wanted, which was a life where I felt happy, satisfied and full.  


I took courageous steps to follow the sound of the genuine in me. 


I confidently believed in my ability and skill to build my non-profit, start a live radio and podcast, and build a community of supportive women who encourage one another and push each other, if need be, to live out our God-given greatness.

I now use my proven method to coach women and help them build the clarity, courage, confidence, community to achieve at the next level!

This is my Divine Assignment!